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Iron Brothers Coming To Canada

Iron Brothers Supplements is an Alberta based company started in 2017 by Marc Burton, while he was working in the Alberta oil fields. He is driven by a goal to produce the highest quality supplements at an affordable price. Unlike most Canadian companies that build their brand up in Canada before going over the border with their products, Iron Brothers has done the exact opposite! The company got their start just selling in the US market through Amazon. Their first product to market was a Pre-Workout which contained 2-isoaminoheptane (DMHA), 3.2 grams of Beta Alanine and a host of other ingredients. They later added a natural pre-workout, a nitric oxide stimulator and then a great testosterone boosting supplement which gained some good traction on Amazon. The current Iron Brothers line-up includes the new Ruthless Pre-Workout, Recharged BCAA Amino Acids, Joint Support, Comatose Sleep Formula, Nitric Oxide Booster, Thermo Burn (fat burner) in an original and stimulant free version, Testosterone Booster, and Estrogen Blocker. Fast forward to today and we’ve just learned that Iron Brothers will have products made for Canada which we’re excited to see.

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