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HD Muscle Pre-HD Ultra Review

HD Muscle

The Canadian supplement company HD Muscle arrived on the scene with more than a bang—it woke the entire industry up! HD Muscle hit the market with an impressive seven products, all of which were absolutely loaded with scientifically backed formulas, great packaging and an army of athletes backing the line. The company has quickly grown and added to its lineup of products, creating a diverse range in a very short time frame. It’s an understatement to say that it’s created a huge impact in the supplement world in a very short period of time.

Pre-HD Ultra is HD Muscle’s flagship pre-workout and was part of the original product launch. This totally stacked formula contains literally everything you need in a pre-workout. At first glance, we appreciate the full disclosure of the ingredients list—there are no proprietary blends to hide behind, so you know exactly how much of every ingredient you’re getting. The lengthy list contains many of the ingredients you expect in a pre-workout but also a handful of unique additions that combine into an athlete’s dream of an all-in-one pre-workout.

HD Muscle Pre-HD Ultra Delivers the Right Dose

The purpose of a pre-workout should go beyond a stimulant-induced kick-start. Don’t get us wrong, stims have their role, but your pre-workout should do more. Pre-HD Ultra targets three key components, making it a well-rounded product: pump, performance, and mental focus.

Within these three components are patented ingredients, an indication of the quality of the overall formula and HD Muscle’s approach to protecting its innovation. Patented ingredients are often studied for effectiveness, and those used here must be dosed appropriately to be included. This means that the company cannot underdose these ingredients, and what is included will produce the quoted effects. Using a patented product means you, our readers, can be confident that you’re getting the best of that ingredient, and in the right amount for its intended effects.

Getting Pumped with HD Muscle Pre-HD Ultra

We know that most pre-workout fans are here for the pump. For this crowd, Pre-HD Ultra’s combination of pump-focused ingredients doesn’t disappoint. Pre-HD includes four ingredients specifically for this purpose, which work synergistically to increase blood flow and increase absorption in the cells.

A necessity to get pumped is blood flow, and Pre-HD has a handful of ingredients that target precisely that. A common ingredient in pre-workout products, L-citrulline helps dilate blood vessels, enabling nutrients to reach the working muscles. With a standout dose of 4 grams per scoop (that’s right, 8 grams in two scoops), you’re well on your way to shuttling the other ingredients where they’re needed. Also contributing to your pump, arginine and nitrate (as patented NO3-T) are precursors to nitric oxide, which works to regulate blood flow, muscle contraction, and energy within the body’s cells.

HD Muscle Pre-HD Ultra Contains GlycerSize

In the past, glycerol was an ingredient known to create full, saturated muscles, but it often made pre-workout products clumpy. GlycerSize is a stable form of glycerol from Australia that delivers the osmotic benefits of this sugar alcohol without the clumping issues. When taken with water, it quickly gets to work, increasing osmotic pressure to help your body retain the fluid, creating a state of hyperhydration. Pre-HD delivers one gram per scoop, which complements the dose of L-citrulline and NO3-T to increase hydration and vasodilation, flooding the muscle and giving you that skin-splitting feeling you want.

Increasing Muscle Strength & Endurance with HD Muscle Pre-HD Ultra

A solid performance in the gym needs to be fueled in terms of both strength and endurance. The ingredients in Pre-HD comprehensively support performance. A few key ingredients deserve your attention.

Creatine HCl

As expected, creatine, the most researched athletic supplement, is included in the formula. However, HD opted to use creatine HCl over creatine monohydrate for its ability to be broken down and absorbed faster by the body. Research has shown that creatine HCl dissolves better and can be absorbed by the intestines 60 percent better than monohydrate, putting it to work faster and easier.

This streamlined uptake means a smaller dose is needed to produce the benefits of creatine, including muscle hydration and energy production. HCl is also regarded for its solubility, which, paired with the smaller dose (1.25 grams per scoop), means there’s less potential for digestive discomfort.

Beta-Alanine & Betaine Anhydrous

Beta-Alanine, the tingle-producing ingredient infamous in pre-workouts, is present, but in a low enough dose (one gram per scoop) to avoid that uncomfortable side effect. In combination with the other ingredients, such as betaine anhydrous, HD didn’t need to rely solely on beta-alanine. Betaine anhydrous is known for its ability to break down unwanted substances in the body, and also bolsters performance. The combination of these two ingredients yields a well-rounded effect where muscle fatigue is prevented (by beta-alanine), and strength and endurance are further supported (by betaine anhydrous).


Rounding out this group is an ingredient likely unfamiliar to most users: Aquamin®. This patented ingredient is a multi-mineral complex derived from red algae. It’s rich in calcium and magnesium, among many other minerals, to boost hydration. Training depletes mineral stores in the body, which are necessary for optimal function. The serving of Aquamin® helps top the body up before the workout begins to keep you working through all your sets.

Get Hyper-Focused & Energized with HD Muscle Pre-HD Ultra

Recently, pre-workouts have broadened to include nootropics and other ingredients aimed at enhancing mental clarity and focus—and we’re all about this movement. This is the realm where Pre-HD shines the brightest.

There might be debate about caffeine’s primary function—energy or focus. When it comes to pre-workouts, both outcomes are necessary (and appreciated), and it’s uncontested that caffeine helps ward off fatigue. The Muscle Insider team also agrees on the fact that Pre-HD’s combination of PURCAF® and theacrine (as TeaCrine®) can’t be beat. These two patented ingredients complement each other perfectly. PurCaf provides 95 percent pure caffeine from green coffee beans, a much cleaner form of caffeine that creates a steady increase in energy—not the rapid spike you might be used to. The 100 milligrams of theacrine provides a totally non-stimulant boost in energy. Don’t shrug off the 140 grams of PurCaf per scoop, thinking that’s the only boost you’re getting! The combination of doses of these ingredients gives you what you need, without any of the strong physiological effects of straight stimulants, such as a rapid heart rate or elevated blood pressure—which is good news for your body.

Together, they create a smooth increase in energy, mood, and focus without any jitters. The best bonus is the long-lasting effects, thanks to theacrine. This patented ingredient’s effects have been found to last anywhere from four to eight hours, without any crash. For all you morning exercisers, your high will carry you into the afternoon with this product!

HD Muscle Pre-HD Ultra Nootropics

For those who are new to the world of nootropics and are wondering what they are, they’re substances regarded for their ability to improve cognitive function. Why include nootropics in a pre-workout? Because when you’re focused on the task at hand, you’re going to perform better, and keeping your mind focused on your workout (from start to end) is a huge benefit. Pre-HD has a combination of three nootropics that work together to provide the most mental focus we’ve experienced with a pre-workout.Alpha GPC and Choline

In Europe Alpha GPC is a prescription medication for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Alpha GPC and choline bitartrate work together to achieve a similar outcome—to support concentration, alertness, and mental focus. Alpha GPC bypasses the liver, allowing it to reach the brain quickly, while choline bitartrate will continue to work through the back half of your workout. Supplementing with choline (a B complex vitamin) is beneficial for your mental game—in and out of the gym—as low levels of choline have been associated with heightened stress and anxiety, unsteady mood, and difficulty focusing. Choline works as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is known to impair our mood and concentration.


Adding Huperzine-A to the mix elevates these effects to a greater level. Huperzine supports the work of the previous two nootropics by stopping an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine. In doing so, this nootropic improves alertness and energy. All three are generously dosed in Pre-HD—especially with a two-scoop serving. One thing to be aware of is the possibility of choline causing headaches in some users. Starting at with one scoop to test this side effect is ideal, before moving to the full gram delivered in two scoops.

Although research is in its infancy on most nootropics and athletic performance, other research has been promising. This is a field we can’t wait to see expand and infiltrate our industry even more. Using Pre-HD will not only help you push yourself to new levels physically but also target your mental game in a way you likely haven’t experienced before. This factor might be overlooked by many lifters, but it shouldn’t be. Keeping your head in the game has always been advised.

One Scoop or Two?

Users have the details on using one or two scoops as a serving but are advised to start with one and assess their tolerance before graduating to two. A single scoop is 17 grams in weight and contains approximately 12 grams of active ingredients, with the residual weight comprising flavouring and anti-clumping ingredients. The hefty weight of the scoop tells you just how packed the formula is.

As rule followers, we tried a single scoop of Sour Peach Ring before advancing to the two-scoop serving. Both options provided a solid workout, but the two scoops carried us further through the day (thanks, theacrine!). We stuck to the directions and mixed the two scoops with 10 ounces of water and some ice, which left a strong peach flavour and no gritty texture, thanks to the high quality of the ingredients. A special note to all the dry scoopers out there: To get the full effects of some of the ingredients (namely GlycerSize), make sure you chase your scoop with the recommended amount of water.

The Sour Peach Ring taste was on par with the candies we loved as kids; it wasn’t too sour and left no strange aftertaste, which earned it a perfect 10 for flavour. Pre-HD is now available in four flavours: Rocket Pop, Sour Gummies, Sour Peach Rings, and Pink Lemonade. Our team is now eager to try all four.

Overall Rating 

HD Muscle cannot be ignored. It has an incredibly strong presence on social media, with fans raving about its products from all around the world. Looking at Pre-HD, it’s no wonder: This ergogenic aid delivers everything you need (and want) in a pre-workout. The ingredient list impressed our team at first glance and was validated by some amazing workouts and physiological feedback. Most notable to our group were how long the product worked its magic and the lack of an energy crash. We can’t wait to see what else HD Muscle releases.