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Greg Doucette Starting His Own Supplement Company

Greg Doucette is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and a world-record-holding athlete, with over 20 years of professional training experience, coaching thousands of clients around the world. Known for his no BS, results-driven approach to training and supplementation has extended far beyond his Canadian roots. Greg offers a wide variety of services, including training, diet and nutrition coaching, e-books, cookbooks, and merchandise. We have now learned from his recent YouTube video, that Doucette will soon be launching his very own supplement company. While he did not give any details as to which products he will be offering, or timing as to when it will be launched, he did say that they already have several formulations in the works.

Greg does promise, “I’m not gonna sell you BS. I’m not gonna sell you junk or garbage. Whatever I put out, it has to be the best!”

When we watch the video, we do see that Greg goes into surface detail about why he left RYSE Supplements, where he was one of their athletes for about one year. While it does seem to have been a falling out, Doucette explains that they could not come to a point where the agreed-upon contract was able to be fulfilled. Greg was already in the process of leaving RYSE to pursue starting his own company, which ultimately led to his departure from the brand. We look forward to seeing what Greg brings to the table once he does get things into production.


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