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GAT Pumptronic Preview

The team at GAT has introduced a new pre-workout called Pumptropic, which they categorize as a "Mega-Pump and Laser Focus Nootropic." And by looking at the quality ingredients in the formula, we believe it's going to deliver incredible results! Pumptropic is stimulant free and loaded with clinically validated performance ingredients, including patented ingredients such as Nitrosigine® for energy, blood flow, and pumps; HydroPrime™ for muscle cell volume; and VitaCholine® to help boost cognitive focus, attention, and alertness. Pumptropic is scientifically formulated to stack well with the Nitraflex family of pre-workouts for the ultimate in synergistic power, accelerated energy, focus, and more. The standout ingredient in the formula is definitely HydroPrime by NNB Nutrition. This is an advanced form of glycerol that increases cell volume, muscle pumps, and hydration. 

Glycerol Monostearate

This is the most common powdered form of glycerol on the market and is found in most "pump" supplements. It is composed of glycerol and stearic acid, which is only 25% (at the most) of actual glycerol. Due to this high fat content of glycerol (glycerol is the backbone of fats/triglycerides), glycerol monostearate doesn’t dissolve well in water, leaving consumers with glycerol gobs on the sides of their shakers. Another problem with glycerol monostearate is poor stability (due to its hygroscopic nature), leading to clumping and caking, but it also leads to a short shelf life. But when glycerol is consumed, it’s rapidly absorbed and distributed between body fluid compartments before it is slowly metabolized via the liver and kidneys.


HydroPrime by NNB Nutrition provides over 70% glycerol content, which is about 13 times more concentrated than traditional glycerol monostearate (GMS) powder! It also does not clump up in your tub and completely dissolves when you mix it. Consumption of glycerol with substantial amounts of liquid causes an increase in the kidneys' medullary concentration gradient, enhancing absorption in the nephron. Unfortunately due to glycerol’s hygroscopic nature, it has never been an ideal ingredient when it came to formulating. Glycerol literally sucks up water from its environment, causing grittiness and clumping that will turn your pre-workout powder rock-solid if left too long. Another drawback of glycerol is that it requires a high dose to be effective. Previous formulations have been found to have doses of 20 grams or more, but this caused gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, and gas. However, new chemical engineering advances discovered by NNB Nutrition have resulted in the most advanced glycerol form commercially available and one that does not clump! The end product is called HydroPrime, which will revolutionize pre-workout supplements as we know them.

For more information on HydroPrime by NNB Nutrition, visit www.nnbnutrition.com.

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