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GAT Nitraflex BURN Preview

For nearly a decade now, GAT Nitraflex has been a go-to pre-workout for many people in the fitness and bodybuilding community. All of us here at Muscle Insider are excited to see a reformulated GAT Nitraflex Burn, the newest pre-workout that has been developed to be a real powerhouse muscle builder, created to build lean, dense muscle while burning subcutaneous body fat. Fans of the old GAT Nitraflex formula will see some of the biggest changes include an improved flavour system, with the addition of sodium bicarbonate to improve overall refreshment, flavour, and training performance. Caffeine has remained the same at an impressive 325 mg per serving, but you will experience an enhanced focus due to the inclusion of L-tyrosine instead of NALT. Patented Nitrosigine® has been shown in clinical studies to help increase blood flow, enhance muscle volume and the pump, boost energy levels, improve mental focus, and reduce muscle damage caused by intense workouts.

What’s really cool to see that has been included in the reformulated GAT Nitraflex Burn, is the addition of CaloriBurn GP™ by NNB Nutrition. CaloriBurn GP™ by NNB Nutrition is a 100% natural grains of paradise extract that's derived using a proprietary extraction technology that preserves all the metabolism-enhancing bioactive compounds. Grains of paradise is an ancient spice, also known as Aframomum melegueta, with a similar composition to ginger, including its active compounds. Studies have shown numerous benefits from the use of grains of paradise, including anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties, increasing calorie burning and metabolic rate, providing support in optimizing hormonal levels, assisting in body recomposition, as well as aiding in sexual desire, libido, and testosterone-boosting properties.

You will find the new GAT Nitraflex Burn in 4 flavours, which are Blue Raspberry, Apple Melon, Spicy Mango-Rita, and Tropic Thunderbust. Each bottle provides 30 servings per container, along with a warning that this pre-workout is extremely potent, so you should not use more than one scoop per serving. There have been a number of popular brands that have also used CaloriBurn GP™ by NNB Nutrition in their products, including: 

Other recent brands to have CaloriBurn GP™ by NNB Nutrition included in their formulation are:


For more information about GAT Nitraflex Burn and other great products, visit the GAT Sport website and check them out on Instagram.

To learn more about the innovations coming from the NNB Nutrition team, be sure to visit the NNB Nutrition website.

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