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Flex Freak

PharmaFreak Technologes

From its distinctive yellow-black packaging to potent cutting-edge formulas, hardcore supplement line PharmaFreak Technologies has really torn up the Canadian supplement landscape. Athletes know that if they want a complete supplement solution that maximizes their training experience they can’t go wrong with PharmaFreak’s commitment to “quality, purity and potency.” PharmaFreak’s latest offering, Flex Freak, promises to deliver superior joint support in a much-neglected category. It’s the ultimate defense against the rigors of heavy lifting! Flex Freak’s forward-thinking formula consists of six complexes: a vitamin and mineral complex, a glucosamine complex, a cartilage support complex, a function support complex, a comfort support complex and a joint lubrication support complex. Normally you would have to buy two or three joint products to come close to PharmaFreak’s results-focused joint formula. Each convenient mega-pack contains eight pills (no horse pills, either!), which PharmaFreak has scientifically engineered to optimize joint health. Targeted dosages of glucosamine sulfate, rosehip, Boswellia serrata, ginger, turmeric, and hyaluronic acid are only a few of the key ingredients that ensure joint well-being. Flex Freak is a great preventative measure and a competent joint-rehab solution that every athlete should seriously consider using for peak performance.

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