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FDA Returns Over $19 million Worth of DMAA to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

The FDA has been forced to return over $19 million worth of DMAA to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals! The Government seized this DMAA more than eighteen months ago during the investigation and prosecution of this case against Hi-Tech and owner Jared Wheat. What does this mean for bodybuilders? Well you might start seeing DMAA containing supplements (likely pre-workouts and fat burners) flooding the U.S. market once again. At this point in time, DMAA is technically not illegal as the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has yet to make their final decision on the legality. Until that decision is made, it's a grey area. 

Why Does The FDA Have To Return The DMAA To Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals?

In short, the Government did not adequately explain its reasons for keeping Hi-Tech’s property (the DMAA) in a state of limbo for eighteen months. The Government does not dispute that the 2017 Seized Items are the property of Hi-Tech, are not illegal to possess, and have no evidentiary value in this criminal case.  As a result, the property must be returned to its rightful owner and that continued retention of the 2017 Seized Items would be seen as unreasonable (legally speaking). So until their is a final decision made in their appeal, Hi-Tech gets their DMAA back!

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance