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Estro Therapy

Ripped Femme

Ripped Femme Estro Therapy Supplement Review

Ripped Femme: Making Strong Women Stronger

Estro Therapy was designed to support healthy estrogen metabolism. It works synergistically with Metabolism Support; where Metabolism Support helps burn fat, Estro Therapy is designed to reduce levels of hormones that can impede a woman’s ability to burn fat and build muscle. Women tend to carry more fat (and carry it in different places) than men. This gender difference is because of the amount of estrogen in women’s bodies. Estro Therapy can improve body composition and mood and relieve PMS symptoms by helping balance estrogen levels in the body and reducing “bad” estrogen.

“Bad estrogen” isn’t exactly a “thing,” at least not if you’ve looked the term up in the dictionary; the real word is xenoestrogens. We’re sure you’ve heard news reports and studies that claim that chemicals in the environment—e.g., certain pesticides, plastics, household cleaning products, and car exhaust—are capable of looking and acting enough like natural estrogens that the body mistakenly accepts them as estrogen (this is a whole other discussion to get into about how to prevent these things from entering your system). The problem with these “lifestyle factors” is that they’re everywhere, they’re fat soluble, and they pass through the skin easily to accumulate over time.

So these xenoestrogens (or estrogen mimetics) can latch on to estrogen receptors located on the surface of the breasts or other places susceptible to cancer-raising cells, and signal cancer cells to grow and divide, making cancer spread.

Estrogen mimics can also bind to estrogen receptors on healthy cells and send false signals. Or lastly, these sneaky little buggers can block the natural hormone and keep it from binding to its receptor, resulting in more estrogen circulating in the bloodstream. As you can see, restoring balance to your hormones is ideal—even necessary—for the female fitness/performance athlete, not only because it can protect your health from environmental factors beyond your control but also because it can help ignite fat-burning pathways, increase energy levels, improve performance, and help maintain a strong, lean physique! All of these contribute to making you a better (and better looking!) athlete.

Estro Therapy Under the Microscope

Similar to how Estro Therapy works better in conjunction with Metabolism Support because of the synergy of the ingredients, so too are there three different complexes within Estro Therapy, all of which have ingredients specifically designed to work together.

1) Estrogen Balancing Complex: The Estrogen Balancing Complex delivers clinically researched ingredients derived from natural sources, including diindolylmethane (DIM), calcium-D-glucarate, broccoli extract, green tea extract, and resveratrol. These ingredients support the reduction and detoxification of estrogenic metabolites, decrease estrogen receptor activity, and halt excess estrogen production.

2) PMS & Mood Balancing Complex: The PMS & Mood Balancing Complex provides a blend of Vitex agnus, St. John’s wort, white yam, and vitamin B6. These ingredients support a reduction in PMS symptoms, enhance mood, and decrease cravings and bloating.

3) Immune System & Skin Support Complex: The Immune System & Skin Support Complex supplies zinc and astragalus to bolster the immune system and support elasticity and structural integrity of the skin to reduce premature signs of aging.

How to Take Estro Therapy

Take one capsule two or three times daily. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications. Take with food. Use for a minimum of three months to see beneficial effects. Consult a health practitioner for use beyond 12 weeks.

Final Thoughts on Estro Therapy

We’re fans. We’re fans of products that don’t just throw a bunch of “ingredients du jour” in a pot, and call it a fat burner, but rather, ingredients that were clinically researched and scientifically backed to work in specific ways together. That is to say, this product isn’t just about fat burning; it’s about realigning your hormones, improving your mood, enhancing your immune system and skin, and myriad other benefits that come from making sure your body is producing enough of the right kind of estrogen. This product works on a holistic level, tackling estrogen and any potential (or current) hormonal problems through a number of different pathways.

Like Kobe and Shaq, although Metabolism Support and Estro Therapy are both effective, they’re so much better when you stack them.

Jaime Filer