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EFX Vegan Friendly Kre-Alkalyn

EFX Sports

EFX Sports has built a solid reputation from one of its most popular products, Kre-Alkalyn. After just releasing a new Kre-Alkalyn Powder, Dr. Jeff Golini and his team have now just launched the latest addition to their lineup, EFX Vegan Friendly Kre-Alkalyn Capsules.

This new Vegan Friendly Kre-Alkalyn has the same buffered creatine monohydrate as the original, with 1.5 grams of Kre-Alkalyn per two-capsule dose, but rather than using the standard gelatin capsules, it’s instead made with vegan capsules. The Vegan Friendly Kre-Alkalyn comes with 180 capsules per bottle (compared to 120 capsules in the original), which provides 90 servings per container.

Many consumers have asked for a Vegan Friendly Kre-Alkalyn formula, and now those requests have been addressed. This new addition is available exclusively on the Amazon.com website.