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EFX Karbolyn Energy Preview

EFX Sports

Performance athletes know how important it is to make sure they are eating the right amount of carbohydrates, but it’s not as simple as “a carb is a carb.” Athletes have long searched for the best source of carbohydrates to fuel their performance.

The challenge is, simple carbohydrates can quickly enter the bloodstream, but they can often create a strong spike in insulin levels, followed by a harsh crash when those insulin levels drop rapidly. This can be beneficial for a quick burst of energy, but does not really provide the sustained energy needed.

On the other hand, complex carbohydrates can be great at providing the sustained energy we are looking for, but they are often slow to digest and can lead to feeling bloated and sluggish.

For some time now, athletes have been turning to EFX Karbolyn to fuel their workouts and they stand by the results they see from using it. Now, just think of the power, energy and recovery you will see with the brand new EFX Karbolyn Energy, which has the same dose of Karbolyn as well as the addition of the highest grade of caffeine on the market.


EFX Karbolyn Energy is sold in a 36 servings container, with each 53.6g scoop giving you 50g of carbohydrates (from Karbolyn), derived from potato, rice and corn, plus the new addition of 250mg caffeine. This formula is sugar-free, gluten-free, Informed Sport Certified and banned-substance free. EFX Karbolyn Energy is considered to be a pre-workout, with the suggested serving to be one scoop mixed with 16oz of water, taken 30 minutes prior to exercise.

EFX Sports is very proud to produce their own products using their “Dock-to-Dock” 3-stage testing program, which tests the purity and potency of every batch, every time. This system involves testing incoming materials before, during and after production.


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