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Dusty Hanshaw Signs with Condemned Labz

IFBB Pro Dusty Hanshaw has parted ways with Mutant and signed with Condemned Labz.  Fans may not remember that Dusty has was originally with iForce Nutrition, then moved over to Mutant where he was one of the key faces of the brand for many years and even had his own hilarious video series, Dining with Dusty! His hardcore training videos and sense of humour developed a strong relationship with Mutant fans and bodybuilders alike. But time moves forward and now Dusty is sponsored by Condemned Labs which is a very hardcore supplement company that we think is a good fit for his equally hardcore lifestyle. Known for his heavy, grip and rip training style, Dusty appeals to the blue collar bodybuilding crowd which is a perfect fit with Condemned Labz. Although he’s not a top 10 Olympia finalists, Dusty's strong as hell and has a very large online coaching business so we’re sure that Condemned’s popular products like Commissary Whey Protein, Confined, HumaSLIN, and LockedDown will be on his client’s programs in no time! We wish Dusty and Condemned Labz all the best in this new partnership.