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Dendrobium 600

SD Pharmaceuticals

SD Pharmaceuticals always comes out with innovative formulas, bringing new, never-thought-to-be-used ingredients to the market. Its Dendrobium 600 product is no exception. It comes in a shiny blue capsule (one serving equals one pill, with 60 pills per bottle) that goes down smoothly and enhances your workout performance. Dendrobium is a thousand-year-old potent Chinese medicinal herb used to promote stomach, kidney, and lung health. It’s also used as a strengthening tonic because it contains powerful alkaloids that can stimulate strength and energy. To harness the full power behind Dendrobium, athletes will be interested in its unique ability to deliver an amazing boost in physical energy, stamina, and razor-sharp mental focus. If you’re using this as an adjunct to your pre-workout stack, try taking one pill 15 to 20 minutes prior to your training session. Take it on its own to increase energy, mental focus, and overall clarity, or crush it back with your favorite pre-workout supplement to blast through rep after rep. You can also stack it with your current fat burner to heighten the results. Watch for this ingredient to start appearing in your favorite pre-workout powders and fat burners now that the DMAA ban is on!

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