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Cellucor C4 Approaches $500 Million Annual Sales

Cellucor's C4® brand is crushing the performance energy drink market with consumers who increasingly want better product options to fuel their workouts, active lifestyles, and mental and physical performance in and out of the gym. The zero-sugar, zero-carb, and zero-calorie C4® formula is powered by CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine and several other premium ingredients that support explosive energy, mental focus, and improved overall performance. 

C4® has also been winning at Walmart, showing tremendous growth in sales. Since its launch in 2011, C4® has become the #1 selling pre-workout brand in the world with over 2 billion servings sold! Walmart USA now carries three versions of the highly personalized C4® powder line: C4® Original, C4® Sport, and C4® Sport Ripped.  

CEO of Nutrabolt, Doss Cunningham, who recently spoke at The Beverage Forum in Chicago on a panel called "The Future Movers and Shakers," sees C4's sports nutrition heritage and leading position as a key strength of the C4® performance energy drink:

"After nearly a decade since its launch," Cunningham said, "C4® is known around the world as the undisputed global pre-workout leader with retail sales approaching half a billion and dominant category share exceeding 50 percent. With our increased focus on the energy category, C4® is transcending the more nascent pre-workout powder market it has proudly led all these years, and delivering a new breed of high-performance energy drinks to a more mainstream marketplace."