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C4 Energy RTD Coming To Canada

C4 is the #1 selling pre-workout brand in the world for good reason, it works! Cellucor C4 just dominates the pre-workout market with unique versions for different consumers and you simply can’t go anywhere and not find C4. We started to see the C4 Ready-To-Drink (RTD) in the U.S. in April 2018 and we watched it make its way to Germany in 2019 at FIBO. Since hitting the supplement scene, C4 RTD has exploding in popularity and Canadians have been wanting this drink more than they’ve wanted this winter to end! Well in a post yesterday, it was leaked that the C4 RTD is coming to Canada and we simply can't wait to get our hands on it. C4 is known for their outstanding flavours, hard-hitting energy, amazing packaging and unique delivery systems. C4 fans (like us) will definitely be powering through summer once this lands on Canadian soil. When we have exact details about the formula, we’ll let you know. But please don’t ask us for any free samples because if we get any, we’re keeping them for ourselves! To have a new supplement previewed or to submit supplement news, email info@muscleinsider.com