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BSN Brings Back Pumpkin Pie SYNTHA-6 and adds Apple Pie A La Cold Stone

BSN®, the south Florida born performance nutrition brand has now introduced us to two new pie-themed flavours to its popular line of SYNTHA-6® protein powder. BSN's best-selling seasonal flavour Pumpkin Pie returns to shelves in time for fall. BSN also debuts Apple Pie A La Cold Stone™, a permanent addition to the BSN Cold Stone Creamery® flavours line inspired by the super-premium ice cream brand's Signature Creations™.

"BSN gives our fans a way to shake up their routine with a variety of incredible flavors," said Kris Gerulski, marketing director for BSN North America. "Apple and pumpkin pie are two signature flavors of fall, and with the upcoming holidays these SYNTHA-6 options are a great way to indulge and stay fit."

The seasonal limited edition SYNTHA-6 Pumpkin Pie flavour features 22 grams of ultra-premium BSN protein complex, 15 grams of carbohydrates and just two grams of sugar; and the new SYNTHA-6 Apple Pie A La Cold Stone flavor has the same macros but with 1 extra gram of sugar. BSN SYNTHA-6 Apple Pie a La Cold Stone is based on the Cold Stone Creamery Signature Creation that combines French vanilla ice cream with cinnamon, graham cracker pie crust, apple pie filling and caramel. It's the sixth member in the line-up of Cold Stone-inspired® SYNTHA-6 flavors that debuted last summer, joining Birthday Cake Remix™, Germanchokolatekake™, Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip™, Cookie Doughn't You Want Some™ and Berry Berry Berry Good™.

"Just like the athletes who use our products, BSN consistently pushes the boundaries to steal the show," said Gerulski. "We take pride in our reputation for great taste and never stop innovating to deliver delicious, high-quality protein."

Visit www.gobsn.com for more information.