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Bro Dough Edible Protein Cookie Dough Preview

Bro Dough

We think it’s safe to say many of you are like us, that when we were kids growing up, “helping” mom bake cookies at home, we often stole a bit of cookie dough to snack on before going into the oven. Even though this habit may not have stopped completely as we have aged, we do know we need to be smarter about this guilty pleasure, both to make sure we are not over-indulging, as well as making sure we don’t make ourselves sick.

Bro Dough edible cookie dough has the solution for us all. This 100% vegan product has no eggs, which means it is safe to eat raw, and as long as you don’t find yourself eating the whole jar, the macros allow you to enjoy your treat without all the guilt. Each serving size is two tablespoons (29 grams), and no more than 117 total calories. Which flavour you choose does vary in the macro nutrient breakdown somewhat. Each serving provides between 4.4 to 5.6 grams of protein, two to 4.6 grams of fat and 13.8 to 15.3 grams of fat.

 Bro Dough edible cookie dough is available in four flavour options, including the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Birthday Cake Cookie Dough, Oreo Cookie Dough and our personal favourite, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

For more information, be sure to visit the Bro Dough website and check out their Instagram page.

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