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Bodylogix Partners with CFL Players Association

It was just recently announced that Bodylogix has partnered with the CFL (Canadian Football League) Players’ Association. This partnership was formed to ensure CFL players are supplementing with safe, natural, Canadian-made products. Bodylogix promises to deliver all their customers with the best products using clean ingredients, trusted certifications, and performance-driven nutrition.

Here's what Bodylogix Athlete Relations Manager DJ Lalama had to say on the collaboration with the CFL:

Bodylogix is extremely excited to announce our partnership with the CFLPA (Canadian Football League Players Association). As a Canadian brand, we are very proud to be supporting the CFLPA and its players! Making clean, trusted, performance driven nutrition available to the players is a great step forward as we look forward to the future of football, together!

Based on trust and transparency, all Bodylogix products are tested by their own Quality Control team and reviewed by Quality Assurance to meet health and safety standards before they are released for sale. In today’s day and age though, this is not enough. Third-party certification with NSF verifies potency, purity, and label claims. It ensures what is on the label is in the bottle each and every time. For high-level athletes like those of the CFL Players’ Association, quality sports nutrition that you can trust what is on the label, is extremely important. We look forward to seeing more from this new partnership.

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