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BioSteel Pledges Two Million Dollars to Front-Line Workers


It's quite evident that the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. The strain placed upon our front-line workers is even more serious. One major challenge is the importance of staying healthy and hydrated. Recognizing the need to remain healthy and performing at their best, the team at BioSteel has pledged $2 million of their Hydration Mix to front-line workers and hospital patients. They are doing their part to help keep these essential workers properly hydrated while maintaining overall health and recovery.

“During this challenging time, it’s imperative that people stay healthy and hydrated. Experts are emphasizing the importance of drinking electrolytes to stay hydrated if people are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms. Additionally, for those who may be ill and are taking acetaminophen, this can be extremely dehydrating. You want to ensure your body is receiving enough fluids to help regulate temperature, flush out toxins and perform regular bodily functions.” – BioSteel

BioSteel Hydration Mix is a safe and healthy option to fill this need. Formulated with added vitamins, zinc and amino acids, it can help to boost the immune system and maintain hydration levels. One major benefit of the BioSteel Hydration Mix is that it does NOT contain sugar.

Please email stayhydrated@biosteel.com if you or someone you know is working the front-lines and their hospital can benefit from donations of BioSteel Hydration Mix.

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