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BioSteel Announced as Official Sports Drink of the Brooklyn Nets


It was announced early today, that BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. ("BioSteel") has entered into a multiple-year agreement, to be known as the Official Sports Drink of the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets. While the brand has been known as a popular choice for athletes for their hydration needs, this deal marks BioSteel’s first official partnership with a professional level sports team in North America.

Since the brand was founded in 2009, BioSteel has maintained a focus on providing high-quality natural ingredients and product transparency, to those looking for the essential nutrients needed to support their physical activity.

"We commend the Brooklyn Nets for making a healthy choice by partnering with a sugar-free sports drink company," said Co-CEO, Co-Founder, and former NHL player, Michael Cammalleri. "With this alliance, BioSteel tips off one of many major US-based marketing initiatives that we will be rolling out this year as we rapidly expand our presence in the United States."

We can expect to see a substantial level of BioSteel branding for all Brooklyn Nets games throughout the Barclays Center, in addition to the team’s practice facility in Brooklyn, the HSS Training Center. Not only will we see static and digital signage throughout both venues, but BioSteel will be prominently displayed on the Barclays Center scoreboard hanging in the center of the arena.

"The Brooklyn Nets have been using BioSteel products for years, and becoming our official sports drink partner is a natural evolution of our relationship," said Bryan Calka, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at BSE Global. "Sports nutrition is of the utmost importance to our team, and we are looking forward to expanding our work with BioSteel as it continues to lead the way in nutritional support for athletes everywhere."

For more information and to stay up to date, be sure to visit the BioSteel website.

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Source: BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc.

Image sourced by: CNW Group/BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc.