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Battle Shakers Product Review

Battle Shakers

Arm yourself for your next workout with Battle Shakers. This new line of shaker cup ensures not only that you take care of your supplement needs but also that you look battle-ready doing it. At Muscle Insider, we first heard about these shakers in Florida, as this is where the company is based. Now that they’re available in Canada, you’ll be able to get them at various supplement stores. These novelty shaker cups offer more than just a tool for your pre-workout drink. With ample space for water, a leakproof lid, and bonus storage compartments, Battle Shakers complete your workout arsenal. Now, choose your weapon and get ready to sweat!

Looks plus Function

Battle Shakers combine two functions into a visually fun tool. With the ability to hold up to 24 ounces of fluid, the cups fulfill your daily hydration needs so you don’t have to hit up the water fountain too often. Stop interrupting your workout to get more water and stay focused on your training by topping up your cup before you lift a weight.

Beyond the capacity of the cup itself, your Battle Shaker comes with a unique storage function. The base, aka the weapon holder, can be removed and used to store items. Need to bring a post-workout shake with you and still want to take a pre-workout? No need to dirty another shaker or waste a ziplock bag—simply remove the bottom of your cup and fill it up. When mixing your powders on the go, each cup is equipped with a removable mixing screen to ensure your drink is free of clumps.

Most importantly, it’s dishwasher safe. We put it to the test with multiple high-heat washing cycles, and all four shakers came out without warping. The graphics were also intact, and the various chambers reassembled without any issues. Obviously, we will continue to run various cycles of washing with the shakers, so time will tell how well these cups will hold their own.

No Leaks Here

Everyone has experienced the hassle of a leaky shaker cup. Whether it was in your gym bag, in your car, or dripping all over the gym floor, it’s a mess no one wants to deal with. Battle Shakers has put the effort into making its cups secure, offering a double leakproof feature with the patented spout plug. The lid gives a satisfying snap when you lock it into place, letting you know the liquid is locked in. An added bonus is the way the lid seems to snap into place when it’s flipped open, not falling back against your face as you take a drink.

We have to tip our hats to the structure of Battle Shaker’s lids. The design of the lid is unique in both looks and function. The rounded top fits perfectly with the weaponry theme of each cup, making it look more authentic, but the real MVP is what lies under the lid. The spout is just under an inch in diameter, making it easy to drink out of without spilling it all over your face (hey, between sets you’re panting and shaky—don’t judge our drinking problem). Its curved design fits your face well, which sounds odd, but is noticeable when you sip without squishing your nose. For you avid shaker users, you know exactly what we mean.

Choose Your Weapon

Half of the fun of Battle Shakers is that you get to choose your ideal weapon. Under the umbrella of a military theme, each style has its own look and features. One important thing to consider when picking your ammunition is the storage feature. Each shaker has a different base, which gives it its unique appearance and storage space. The Bullet has the most storage space, by far. Following that, the Missile and the Torpedo have similar storage areas, and the Bomb has the smallest space in its base.

What you opt to use the storage space for is up to you—a serving of protein powder for after your workout, vitamins, car keys, or your gym card. Just consider the space that comes along with the weapon you select for the day. Although a storage compartment isn’t unique to Battle Shakers, the appearance of the whole system definitely is, which is truly what makes each cup interesting.

Health Check

As is standard, the cups are free of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in many plastics but known to be harmful to our health. BPA has been found to mimic estrogen, binding to hormone receptors and altering how the hormone affects the body in a negative way. For general health purposes, avoiding chemicals that affect hormones should be a priority for everyone.

Battle Shakers are also free of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP). Once the harms of BPA were well known and it was removed from plastic products, manufacturers switched to DEHP. However, this chemical has been linked to many of the same endocrine issues as BPA. Battle Shakers has prioritized your health by keeping both chemicals out of its materials.

Supporting Those Who Support Us

Battle Shakers extends a 15 percent discount to the military and first-responder community as a way to pay thanks to all that these public citizens do for us. This is the first time we’ve ever seen a shaker company support the 911 community, and we applaud it for its philanthropic efforts.

Ready for Battle

These Battle Shakers come in four different styles: Bomb, Missile, Bullet, and Torpedo. Although the Bomb is the most popular, we love the Missile!

Overall, Battle Shakers are a fun and unique take on the basic shaker cup. The cups are good quality with some additional features beyond what a basic shaker provides. Battle Shakers are a conversation piece, so the next time you prepare yourself for battle in the gym with a Battle Ahaker, get ready to get noticed. We call dibs on the Missile!

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