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ANS Performance Lean Mass Preview

ANS Performance has now launched a second weight gainer in their family of products. We’re not sure if they will kill their original N-Mass weight gainer or if this will stay in the family. This new gainer is called Lean Mass and it’s marketed as a “lean gainer” rather than a traditional high-calorie gainer. On their label they provide macros for 1 scoop and 2 scoops so you can customize your shake to fit your nutritional needs.

ANS Performance Lean Mass Macronutrients 

One serving (1 scoop) contains 280 calories with 30 grams of protein. Since the serving size is 66 grams, that’s a 45% protein by weight. Not the highest protein density we’ve ever seen in a gainer but still not bad for a gainer as many contain half that amount of protein (by weight). 

4 Protein Sources

The 30 grams of protein are made from a blend of 4 different proteins. The blend is highest in whey concentrate (first protein source listed) followed by whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, and some micellar casein for good measure. ANS does not disclose the amount of each protein source so we don’t know exactly how much of the expensive whey protein isolate is in the formula versus the more economical whey protein concentrate but the government does not require companies to disclose this so they’re just following the rules.


Lean Mass contains 30 grams of carbs derived from lactose (found naturally in whey protein concentrate) along with some maltodextrin (primary carb source), and some whole food source including oat bran, sweet potato, brown rice, inulin, chia seed, and quinoa. Again we simply don’t know how much of each is used. 

The Rest of the Formula 

Fats sit at 4.5 grams (from those naturally present in the protein sources) along with a blend of Coconut Oil powder and MCT Oil powder. They also threw in 3 grams of creatine monohydrate (great thinking) and some digestive enzymes to help users digest the formula better. Lean Mass comes in 2 flavours (Vanilla Soft Serve and Rich Milk Chocolate) both in a 5 lbs. size with 34 servings per container (if you mix with 1 scoop). Price wise this one comes in at $69.99 if you buy direct from their website. 

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