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ALLMAX Fuel Injector GDA Preview

Many bodybuilders over the years have struggled with finding a way to effectively utilize the carbohydrates they consume. Be it from carb sensitivity, or even having solid muscle growth hidden by excess body fat caused by over consumption or poor timing of carbohydrate intake. The new ALLMAX Fuel Injector GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent) is the answer, providing a superior way to maximize muscle gains and improve training effectiveness.

ALLMAX is not new to the science behind glucose disposal agents. In fact, ALLMAX included glucose disposal agents in Carbion+ (electrolyte and carbohydrate powder), Rapidcuts Shredded and their advanced creatine products Krush and C-Vol. However, this is their first standalone GDA supplement which we're very excited to try!

How does ALLMAX Fuel Injector GDA work?

Finding an ideal balance of carb storage and utilization is largely dependant on insulin sensitivity and just how effectively the body metabolizes sugars. Ingredients found in the Fuel Injector GDA formula work to prime the body to properly absorb and store carbohydrates. In simpler terms, this means that glucose that does make it into the body’s circulation can be effectively used for energy purposes, while excess glucose is eliminated, thus preventing it from being converted to body fat. Fuel Injector GDA allows you to enjoy your carbs, resulting in more energy, better pumps, increased muscle gains, and less body fat.

What’s in ALLMAX Fuel Injector GDA?

Super Berberine (Berberine Cyclodextrin) has been tested in numerous studies and is found to effectively decrease insulin resistance, increase glycolysis (the breakdown of sugar in cells for energy), decrease sugar production in the liver, increase beneficial gut bacteria and slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the small intestine.

Jiaogulan (95% Gypenosides) has been shown to help combat insulin resistance and poor insulin production.

Maqui Berry enhances the way carbs are used for energy. One clinical study suggests that Maqui Berry may help lower blood sugar in pre-diabetics.

Pomegranate has been shown to aid blood sugar management by correcting insulin resistance to reduce circulating blood sugar levels.

Loquat Extract (Standardized for Maslinic Acid) has been shown to improve metabolic health by reducing blood triglycerides, blood sugar, and excess insulin. Loquat Extract has shown great promise as a natural alternative to improving metabolic conditions such as diabetes.

Banaba Leaf Extract helps to keep blood sugar levels in check by shuttling glucose into muscle cells (and away from fat cells), where the sugars can be used for power-intensive weight training sessions. It does this by activating insulin receptors on muscle tissue, a mechanism that automatically lowers blood glucose levels.

Gymnema Sylvestre (75% Gymnemic Shrubs) effectively soaks up excess glucose and shuttles it where it belongs. One of its primary active components, gymnemic acid, is known for suppressing cravings for sweet foods by blocking the sugar receptors on the taste buds.

Glucomannan (from Konjac root) is another powerful blood sugar-stabilizing and weight-management agent. It works by swelling up in the digestive tract and delaying stomach emptying to increase satiety, all while decreasing caloric intake at subsequent meals. Like Gymnema Sylvestre, Glucomannan eliminates absorbed carbohydrates (and fats) before they’re digested. This in turn, helps create a zero caloric environment from any excess calories consumed.

Each bottle of ALLMAX Fuel Injector GDA has 75 capsules and the suggested usage is as follows:

  • 1 capsule with meals containing 30 g to 50 g of carbohydrates
  • 2 capsules for 50 g to 80 g of carbohydrates
  • 3 capsules for over 80 g of carbohydrates

ALLMAX Fuel Injector GDA is great to stack with fat burners to make them even more effective. It is also excellent to use with BCAAs, EAAs, Meal Replacement Powers (MRPs), Protein Powders, or even Gainers since GDAs are designed to make your insulin work more effectively. Since insulin drives amino acids and creatine into muscle cells, GDAs have an anabolic effect, which helps improve lean muscle gains.

ALLMAX is one of the hottest supplement companies in the industry and their products can be found in over 100 countries. Be sure to visit the ALLMAX Nutrition website and check them out on Instagram for more information.

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