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Advanced Genetics Athletes Superfood Gets a New Look

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Advanced Genetics has been providing bodybuilding supplements designed by IFBB Pro, holistic nutritionist, and veteran, Chris Johnson, since originally launching in 2005. We recently brought you news in May of this year, that Advanced Genetics gets a new look. This kicked off with three of their top-selling products: F-10 (fat burner), Flash Bang (pre-workout), and Go Dark (sleep support). We now see the return of AG’s Athlete’s Superfood, with a brand new look. In addition to moving away from the army green and yellow, it has also transitioned to a resealable pouch format. Athlete’s Superfood is a nutrient-dense, whole food greens formula that provides 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables per serving. The move to this new packaging still has the same 160 grams, with 30 servings per container. Look for Advanced Genetics Athlete’s Superfood to be in stock on the brand's website very soon.

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