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Aaron Singerman Gets Prison Sentence Reduced to 36 Months

After a really drawn out trial, Aaron Singerman was sentenced to 54 months earlier this year for his role in Blackstone Labs selling controlled substances. It turns out that Aaron has had his sentence reduced and will now be out of prison in November of 2024. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has now confirmed the reduction by amending Singerman’s release date on its inmate locator website. 

Singerman started Redcon1 with former BSN executive Eric Hart after Aaron left Blackstone Labs. Despite the fact that he had moved on to start Redcon1 (which did not conduct any illegal activity connected to this case) Aaron couldn’t escape what had been done in the past. There were also claims from some Blackstone product users that supposedly became seriously ill after using the improperly labeled supplements. In reducing the sentence, the Judge lined up all counts to a concurrent 36 months to be followed by 12 months of supervised release. He was originally sentenced to 36 months for some of the counts and 54 months for others. Singerman is being held in a federal prison facility in Pensacola, Florida. It's a shame that Aaron is going through this and we're excited to see him return to the bodybuilding and sports nutrition industry.

SOURCE: Boca News Now