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Harness the power of anabolic sleep!

As bodybuilders, we all know the important of long and restful sleep to our goals, be it muscle-building or fat-loss. Without sufficient sleep, our bodies can't receover from the workouts of that day, but they also can't trigger the necessary release of anabolic hormones. Essentially, research has proven that nighttime is an optimal time to build and repair muscle. What if there was a product that enhanced and unleashed the power of the 4 most anabolic hormones: Testosterone, IGF-1, Growth Hormone, and mTor. 

Enter 5D-TROPIN by MHP - the 5D stands for 'five dimensional'. 5D-Tropin has created a whole new way to address muscle building called “anabolic sleep.” When taken before bedtime, 5D-TROPIN helps trigger a powerful anabolic cascade unlike any other supplement. 

GH, mTor, Testosterone, and IGF-1: The keys to 5D-Tropin

Growth Hormone, IGF-1, Testosterone, and mTor are four of the body’s most powerful muscle growth activators. The key to a supplement that claims to harness their power (like 5D-Tropin) is being able to activate them to their highest potential. Naturally, they are all coursing through your body while you sleep at night. The combination of the four creates an "anabolic cascade", which means more muscle anabolism while you sleep! The combination of ingredients in 5D-Tropin activate the mTOR pathway within muscle tissue, while supporting the production of anabolic hormones and growth factors, i.e. growth hormone (GH), IGF-1 and testosterone. 5D-TROPIN contains a blend of ingredients that further potentiate the production and release of these powerful growth factors, that are clinically shown to induce a deep anabolic REM sleep. 

"Over 60% of GH production occurs during sleep, making optimization of this pathway during sleep essential for achieving your goals. In this context, research has shown that overweight people who were on a hypocaloric diet taking a key ingredient found in 5D-TROPIN for 90 days increased GH by an astonishing 321% and IGF-1 by 24% from baseline." - mhpstrong.com

Simply put, during REM sleep, your body becomes extremely sensitive to nutrients and growth factors; which means your body is primed to receive the anabolic ingredients supplied by 5D-TROPIN. 

Why 5D-Tropin works

5D-TROPIN contains a combination of free form leucine and leucine peptides. Research shows that this combination of amino acids results in superior absorption and an increase in plasma leucine, leading to a heightened mTOR response. When you take 5D-TROPIN, your body will be put in a powerful state of muscle anabolism due to the stimulation of the mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) pathway, which is another powerful regulator of muscle growth. Simultaneously, 5D-TROPIN will ignite a powerful anabolic signaling cascade, thereby triggering the rise in testosterone, GH and IGF-1.

When to take 5D-Tropin and its flavors

5D-TROPIN should be taken 30-60 minutes prior to sleep. Mix one scoop in 8 oz. of cold water and drink before bed. 5D-TROPIN is available in Orange and Fruit Punch.

Jaime Filer