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3MB3R Non Stim by Inspired Nutraceuticals Preview

Things are really heating up in the fat burner category, with the new 3MB3R (Ember) non-stim thermogenic from Inspired Nutraceuticals. When we look at the formula, we see the addition of 2 highly effective ingredients included from NNB Nutrition in the form of MitoBurn and CaloriBurn GP. There are also a host of other ingredients to support thermogenesis, fat loss, thyroid health, and reduce water retention. With 100 vegan capsules per bottle, Inspired Nutraceuticals 3MB3R stim-free provides 50 servings per container. There are no artificial colors used in the formula and it contains no WADA banned substances.

MitoBurn L-BAIBA (L-β-aminoisobutyric Acid) from NNB Nutrition

The Inspired Nutraceuticals 3MB3R non-stim thermogenic formula starts with 250 mg of MitoBurn L-BAIBA. This ingredient has really become a rockstar ingredient over the past year when it comes to fat burners. BAIBA is formed from the breakdown of valine and thymine. This breakdown occurs in skeletal muscle during exercise via a biochemical mechanism called peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma co-activator 1-alpha (PGC-1a) dependent mechanism. Since BAIBA is secreted by muscle cells, it is called a “myokine” and because it’s upregulated in response to exercise, it’s also referred to by scientists as an “exercise factor” and used as a signaling factor in the body.

The body has two types of fat: White Adipose Tissue (WAT) and Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT). WAT is where the body typically stores fat, but BAT is where the body burns fat. BAT is a metabolically active thermogenic fat that increases energy expenditure in order to raise body temperature. Activating BAT is therefore highly favorable when it comes to fat loss. In addition, BAT activation has been found to help inhibit the formation of WAT.

CaloriBurn GP Grains of Paradise Seed Extract (6-Paradol 12.5%) by NNB Nutrition

Grains of Paradise is an ancient spice with a similar composition to ginger, including its active compounds. While Grains of paradise has historically been used to treat ailments related to digestion and intestinal health, recent studies have shown that it also has metabolic support properties due its active compounds which include 6-gingerol and 6-paradol. Inspired has included 20 mg of CaloriBurn GP by NNB Nutrition which seems to work synergistically with MitoBurn. Many experts believe that L-BAIBA helps induce the conversion of WAT to BAT, while the Grains of Paradise (as found in CaloriBurn GP) works to activate BAT. CaloriBurn GP will provide you with thermogenic effects without the use of stimulants. Grains of Paradise has also been shown potential for:

  • Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties
  • Increasing calorie burning and metabolic rate
  • Assisting in body recomposition
  • Providing support in optimizing hormonal levels
  • Aiding in sexual desire, libido, and testosterone-boosting properties

Dandelion (Taraxum officinale) Root

Next up in the formula for Inspired Nutraceuticals 3MB3R non-stim, is 250 mg of Dandelion Root. While this ingredient has does have many benefits medicinally, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, here it is included for its natural diuretic effects. Many bodybuilders and fitness competitors have often turned to dandelion root in teas or other forms, to help shed excess water retention within the body while prepping for the stage.

Thyrotide (Kelp Powder Standardized to 1% Iodine)

An interesting ingredient that has been added to Inspired Nutraceuticals 3MB3R non-stim, is 225 mg of Thyrotide. Many people don’t realize how important iodine is for our body. Considered to be an essential mineral, iodine helps to keep the thyroid functioning properly, which in turn helps to keep our metabolism working efficiently. As a result of dietary changes on a mass scale of today’s population, many people are suffering from iodine deficiency. While not being a common ingredient in traditional fat burners, iodine could be beneficial for those who might be deficient in this important mineral.

GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester)

3MB3R by Inspired Nutraceuticals has also included 20 mg of GBB in the formula. This ingredient has been referred to as the “Super Carnitine” as it’s the molecule your body converts into L-Carnitine when naturally producing its own carnitine. GBB has been found to aid in fat loss, but it also has a high level of thermogenesis, especially when taken pre-workout.

CapsiAtra (2.3% Dihydrocapsiate):

Last but certainly not least, we have 20 mg of CapsiAtra, which is a trademarked sweet pepper extract. CapsiAtra contains dihydrocapsiate which is similar to capsaicin but supposedly doesn’t have the “burning” feeling in your throat that normally comes with this ingredient. The dihydrocapsiate from sweet peppers has been found to provide similar metabolic benefits to capsaicin, but without the potential negative side effects such as elevated heart rate. CapsiAtra is manufactured by Japan’s Ajimotto but is distributed by Glanbia.

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