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WWE Superstar and Bodybuilder Nicole Bass Mysterious Death

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WWE Superstar and bodybuilder Nicole Bass has passed away following reports of a mysterious illness. She checked herself into hospital with something serious, but neither she not her girlfriend made a public announcement about why exactly she was there. A few hours later, however, it was reported that nothing else could be done to help her, and that she had passed away. Some have speculated that it was a heart attack, but there are no confirmed reports. In May 2013, Bass’s husband of 28 years, Bob Fuchs, died after suffering a heart attack, and she went to hospital  in 2006 for steroid-related problems with her pancreas. 

Her girlfriend, Kristine Marrone, had the following to say on Nicole's Facebook page

"This is Kristen Marrone posting again.
I want to thank everyone for their kind words, memories and photos they have been sharing with me. Just want to make it clear that i will not be answering and who, what, where, when, why questions right now. Nicole always kept her personal things private and I will do the same for her. Please respect that. Thank you."

Nicole was famous for her appearances on the Howard Stern Radio Show, but her claim to fame was being a 6'2", 230lb powerhouse in the the WWE arena. She was a hardcore competitor during its "Attitude" era around 1999, and even filed a suit against the corporation. Bass alleged that she had been sexually harassed by Steve “the Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardi on a flight to London, England. She also said that it was commonplace for male talent to just walk into female wrestler’s locker rooms. The case was thrown out in 2003. The last report on the proceedings came in 2010 when Bass attempted to appeal the ruling. She hadn't really been in the public eye since then. 



We sent our thoughts and condolences to Nicole's close friends and family. 
(Lead image courtesy of Facebook)