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Womens Empowerment Event Hosted by IFBB Pro

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Canadian IFBB Pro Tammy Strome has teamed up with Carol Elizabeth and Michelle Armstrong to present:

She Awakens: A day of digging deep and connecting with your true self and others who share your journey

Do you have a long-time goal that you’re not pursuing because your fears, thoughts, or doubts are holding you back? Do you feel like there is MORE to your life?

Here’s the bottom line: The real cause of most of our obstacles is not genetics, food, lack of money or any physical or external factor. Instead, our biggest issue stares right back at us in the mirror every day. It is our own minds — daily habits we have learned and adopted include negative self-talk, doubt and damaging belief systems. The good news is that the habit of mental self-sabotage isn’t permanent — you can change it!

But where and how do you start?

You start by becoming AWAKE! 

Check out the poster and linkf for signup details!