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Will Angela Borges Be The New Face of The Wellness Category?

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Angela Borges, originally from Brazil, is the winningest Wellness competitor in any league since the inception of the category. Borges has dominated both the IFBB Amateur League and IFBB Elite Pro League since 2015 finishing no less than 1st except for one event (NPC-Amateur Olympia Las Vegas) in 2017 where she finished 9th.

This past weekend, Angela once again switched leagues to NPC Worldwide and took home the coveted IFBB Pro League Pro Card making her eligible to compete in IFBB Pro League events…which she did...and WON! She won both her Pro Card and her first Pro event in the same weekend at the Europa Championships in Spain.

This would normally make her eligible to compete at the Olympia in December 2020, but we have yet to see the Wellness Category be included in the Olympia line up. Either way, Angela has a great physique for the Wellness Category and will definitely be a threat whenever she steps on stage. We look forward to seeing her make a quick impact in Wellness and take her place on the Olympia stage. We wish her the best of luck in the IFBB Pro League.

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