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Will Calum Von Moger Ever Compete Again?

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Will Calum Von Moger Ever Compete Again? According to a recent YouTube video he posted, yes! Calum Von Mogerwill compete again. Possibly as soon as December 13 at the NPC Excalibur National Qualifier. This would all depend on his availability from his busy schedule and if he starts prepping now. 

After putting together a protein shake, Calum quickly went into his plan on getting to the Olympia stage and winning the Classic Physique Division. Before he gets to the Olympia stage, he has to earn his Pro Card. To do that within the USA, he first has to qualify for a Pro Qualifier which means competing at a regional national qualifierwhere he must place top 2 in an open class. To qualify for IFBB Pro League Status, he would then have to place in the top two in his height class at a National Pro Qualifier. There are also other opportunities outside the U.S. at various Olympia Amateur events and anywhere the NPC is sanctioned including Canada at the Toronto Pro SuperShow and the Vancouver Pro/Am. 

On top of having to earn his Pro Card to meet his goal of getting to the Olympia, Calum also hasn’t competed in 3 years. The last eventshe competed at werethe 2016 NPC Musclecontest Excalibur Championships and 2016 NPC Irongames Championshipswhere he clearly dominated the stage and placed first at both in the Classic Physique Division, Class C. In the past 3 years, Calum has dealt with both a left biceps tear in 2017 and in 2018 he reinjured his biceps and hyper-flexed his right knee tearing his quad and his patella from his MCL, LCL, and patellar tendon. Either way, he seems confident he can do it and that is half the battle.

We look forward to seeing Calum take the stage!

*Images courtesy of Instagram


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