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Team ALLMAX Prepares to Take Over the Vancouver Pro Show

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Contest Coverage Sponsored By ALLMAX

By Domenic Mauro

Josh Wade – Bodybuilding

A personal trainer and gym owner hailing from Rocklin, California, Josh Wade is one of the most conditioned competitors in the bodybuilding circuit. Wade has been competing in bodybuilding since 2006, eventually earning his IFBB Pro Card by winning the 35+ overall Men’s Bodybuilding division at the 2016 NPC Universe. Most recently, he placed third place at the Toronto Pro Supershow among an impressive line-up of competitors. This is no surprise, as Wade is always right in the mix with the top contenders. Although Wade may not have the smallest waist and broadest shoulders among his peers on-stage, he adds an incredible amount of muscle to his frame to balance himself out. We are, of course, most impressed with how hard and dry he comes in at for every show. We expect no less from Wade on his condition at the Vancouver Pro Show and are excited to see him bring his best package this weekend!

Matt Pattison – Men’s Physique

After a short career in the NFL, Matt Pattison earned his IFBB Pro Card in 2013 at the NPC Nationals in the Men’s Physique Division. Pattison later switched divisions with the introduction of the Classic Physique Division and earned his first IFBB Pro win in his division debut at the 2016 Vancouver Pro, qualifying him for the inaugural Olympia Classic Physique Showdown where he placed sixth. This weekend, he comes back to Vancouver to defend his 2016 title. We believe Matt will do well very here with his genetics at six feet, two-inches, along with his on-point conditioning.

Monica Ellis – Bikini

Monica Ellis started competing in March 2014 and by November of 2015, she earned her IFBB Pro Card at the NPC Nationals. Since then, she’s competed in twelve pro shows between 2016 and 2018. She qualified for her first Bikini Olympia by winning her first pro show at the San Antonio Classic in 2017. She then went on to win the San Antonio Pro in 2018, cementing her position on the Olympia stage, in which she finished in sixteenth place. This weekend, Ellis comes to Vancouver where she’s expected to finish in the top three.


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