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Sylvester Stallone Added to 2021 Arnold Sports UK Hall of Heroes Lineup

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By Roger Lockridge

There was already good reason for the buzz being generated by the inaugural Arnold Sports UK event that is scheduled to take place October 1st through 3rd, 2021 in Birmingham, England. Now there is even more reason to be excited.

On August 2nd, Arnold Sports UK co-promoter and 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall announced on Instagram that Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone has been added to this year’s Hall of Heroes lineup that already included the festival’s namesake, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Usain Bolt, Ronnie Coleman, and Hall himself among others. Stallone will only be a part of the event on Sunday, October 3rd.

“Sylvester Stallone is coming to the festival on Sunday 3rd, October ONLY! Very limited tickets left.  I can’t believe I’m going to see Arnie AND Sly in the same place at the same time.”

Stallone himself had not commented publicly about the announcement. The Golden Globe award winner and member of the Hollywood Walk of Fame had never been involved in strength sports as a competitor, but the film icon was known for his chiseled physique that was on full display in films such as “Rocky” and “Rambo.” In total, his films have generated over $4 billion USD in revenue. He along with Schwarzenegger are credited in part for the bodybuilding and fitness boom that occurred in the 1980’s. The two have remain friends throughout the years, but both of them being in the same event at the same time doesn’t happen often.

The last time the two had been together at a strength sports or fitness-themed event was at the 2010 Arnold Classic. Schwarzenegger honored Stallone with the Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award that year in Columbus, Ohio. Stallone has another connection to bodybuilding because he was also a former training partner of another past Mr. Olympia winner, two-time champion Franco Columbu. 

Even at the age of 75, Stallone has shared images and videos on social media of himself aging gracefully and staying in top shape. An announcement was made recently that there are plans for the production of “The Expendables 4”, the latest installment of his most recent film franchise. He had stated that he was currently in training for the film.

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