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Steve Cook Gets Engaged

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With the beautiful waters of Greece in the background, Steve Cook found the perfect moment to propose to Morgan Rose Moroney. Not everyone can understand the challenges of a long-distance relationship, but Steve and Morgan had spent 10 months apart, living in opposite sides of the world. He was at home in the US, while Morgan had boarded a plane back to Australia.

“People say ‘when you meet the right person you’ll just know’. I didn’t believe it until last year. Morgan and I were saying our tearful goodbyes before she boarded a flight back to Australia. I would’ve married her right then and there. I knew in that moment she was the one. Instead, I got 10 long months of reliving and regretting the moment I let her go. It was tough to be apart from what felt like was the better half of me.” Steve explains, “I knew I would never make that same mistake again. For the last seven weeks I have been traveling with this ring in my luggage waiting for the perfect time. Staring at her, with Greece as the backdrop it was the moment I’d been waiting for.”

We are so incredibly happy for the newly engaged couple. Please join us in wishing Muscle Insider cover model Steve Cook and his new fiancé, a life filled with health and happiness. To keep up with the latest fitness industry news and product releases, subscribe to our free newsletter!