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Shawn Wells Suggests Whole Foods and Exercise Snacks on the JJ Virgin Podcast

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The author of “The Energy Formula” shares helpful wellness tips.

Shawn Wells is regarded as one of the leading nutritional biochemists in the world today. Any time he offers information about exercise, wellness, nutrition, or any other matter regarding to health, listening and applying what he shares would be a wise move.

Wells recently joined the JJ Virgin podcast to discuss nutrition principles, exercise hacks, and much more. This episode is packed with worthwhile information that can be applied by all people interested in fitness. Among the first topics that the host and guest discussed was diets and food. Instead of arguing one method over another or getting into the weeds of each diet, Wells found one common-ground guideline that should be followed by everyone regardless of philosophy.

The simplest thing is eating whole foods. I know people talk about carnivore, they talk about vegan, they talk about Mediterranean, and even keto. The key is, the common ground that all agree upon is whole foods.”

Wells uses examples of how gummy bears still technically fall under vegan guidelines while hot dogs could still count as carnivore, but the takeaway point is that whole foods should be the focus of any nutrition strategy.

That being said, he doesn’t want people to feel bad should they occasionally have something they shouldn’t, which can be a bigger downfall for most people than the meal itself. These meals are perfectly fine within reason, and the takeaway point is that one thing that may not be great doesn’t undo hundreds of positive steps in the right direction.

“Don’t beat yourself up if you have one ‘bad meal’ or ‘cheat meal,’ which I don’t even like looking at it that way. Because, you know, just like if you were eating McDonald’s for 20 straight meals a week and then you have a salad, you’re not going to get healthy, and the reverse is true. If you have a pretty healthy diet and you have one meal here and there that is just enjoyable and a giveaway of a free meal to do whatever, that’s not really going to add up either.”

The conversation wasn’t all about food. Wells talked about working out as well. He is an advocate of high-intensity interval training, and he recently learned a way that can make your exercise and day even more productive.

“We need to do what’s called exercise snacks, which [is that] every hour we’re moving our bodies. We’re finding ways to get into natural states of movement. Where we might, if we’re working from home, run out in the backyard. Do a couple of those full sprints or pick up those cans or a jug of milk or do some things. Do some squats by your computer. Find ways to move your body throughout the day so that we’re doing it consistently.”

These brief bursts of training can be more productive than trying to undo eight hours of sitting at a desk within 45 minutes in the gym. Wells also talks about “foodgasms,” his version of cyclical ketogenic dieting, why he doesn’t desire processed foods such as sub sandwiches, and more.

This is definitely a must-listen, and it can be heard right here in its entirety or at the JJ Virgin website. His Amazon best-selling book The Energy Formula is also available to order now.

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