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Shawn Wells Shares Mental Health Hacks on The Low Carb Athlete Podcast

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By Roger Lockridge

The author of The Energy Formula speaks with Debbie Potts.

Debbie Potts had a special guest on her latest episode of The Low Carb Athlete podcast. Biochemist and author of The Energy Formula Shawn Wells joined Potts to talk about his latest book, biohacking, and much more. This hour-plus-long episode was a great listen for people looking to improve overall health and well-being.

You might think that the first topic of discussion would revolve around his studies of an ingredient or a nutrition hack, especially because of the name of the podcast. Wells actually shared something more personal: discovering love for himself and others. He initially felt that achievements and sexiness would attract love, and then he could love himself. It turned out that the script needed to be flipped, and that was key for him to give what he wanted to get.

“Because of my own self-love, I can project out love on a deeper level because that’s what we do. We project ourselves. They say hurt people hurt people, but loving people love people, you know.”

While talking about his personal journey, he naturally transitioned into talking about strategies that helped him reach a point of happiness that he is now at, some of which can be found in his new book. The mental process for him begins as soon as he wakes up.

“I switched from that inner critic to that inner champion. I actually do gratitude and affirmations before I get out of bed along with breath work, and that’s been a game changer for me as well.”

After a brief rundown about The Energy Formula and what “energy” stands for, Potts and Wells talks about resilience, which many people are developing due to the current state of the world. Wells took a moment to offer wise words for listeners with hopes that it could help prevent divides in the future.

“This one thing really bothers me. If someone is trying to put you in one box or the other, just be mindful of that. Be very wary of that because that is a tactic not only meant to control you but to make you dislike the other box.”

Wells also touched on another valuable point: busyness versus productivity. Even though there are many more forms of convenience in the world, there never seems to be enough time. He dispels this myth and shares the truth that some folks may not want to hear.

Busy doesn’t equal productive. Busy just means you’re busy, and you’re just staying in that nervous system sympathetic state, and you’re frantic all day long. You’re not a multitasker. No one’s a multitasker. It’s called task switching, and it takes you two to five minutes to readjust back to being productive. So if you’re constantly doing this, you’re never productive. Getting away from that is obviously ideal.”

Wells suggests batching tasks to be more productive, and he shares other tactics that have been promoted by others to help provide a solution to the issue of being “busy” without being productive.

Don’t miss this in-depth interview that is unlike any of Wells’ other recent appearances.

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