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Shawn Rhoden Accused of Rape

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Unfortunately, Shawn Rhoden is being accused of rape which we regret to report on. According to police records, Shawn Rhoden was charged with rape, object rape which and forcible sexual abuse. The victim is a married female competitive bodybuilder who went to visit Rhoden at his hotel on Oct. 12, 2018, while he was visiting Utah. This was 27 days after Shawn won the Mr.Olympia title on September 15th 2018. Bail has been set for $750,000. The woman claims she went straight to police after the alleged assault and underwent a sexual assault examination. The nurse who conducted the exam said the accuser had a laceration on her vagina, something prosecutors in sexual assault cases usually look for to support a rape claim. 

According to police records, the female competitive bodybuilder told police that Shawn Rhoden forced himself on her and sexually assaulted her, despite her trying to push him away and telling him repeatedly to stop. She said Shawn Rhoden only stopped and agreed to leave her alone when she told him she needed to go downstairs or else an acquaintance waiting in the lobby would know "something (was) up,".   

Did Shawn Rhoden Really Do This?

Until a trial takes place, this is not proven. A DNA sample found on the woman's body was matched to Rhoden, police said. But that does not mean that Shawn Rhoden raped anyone, there are many ways for DNA to transfer from one person to another! We are not saying nothing happened we are only reporting the accusation at this point in time. We like Shawn Rhoden a great deal as a champion bodybuilder and are from the belief that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. A warrant for his arrest has been issued. As more information surfaces, we will keep everyone updated. We regret reporting this news but it’s our job to inform the public on all things relating to bodybuilding and fitness.

SOURCE: Deseretnews