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Sergio Oliva Jr. Responds to Arrest Rumors

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By Roger ”Rock” Lockridge

A lot of rumors have been swirling about IFBB Pro League bodybuilder Sergio Oliva Jr. After multiple days of being unable to speak out, Oliva took to Instagram to post a video addressing the rumors about a car accident resulting in a death and alleged arrest. The post was shared on March 10, 2023.

Oliva began by referring to the incident as “the worst experience of his life.” He then went on to share that he was changing lanes while driving and a motorcyclist was illegally driving between cars and hit Oliva’s car. After the motorcyclist fell off the bike onto the street, the person was ran over by a truck. The motorcyclist died later the day.

“I immediately jumped out into the street, it was one of the busiest streets in Dubai, even almost getting hit by cars myself so I can reach the body and help,” Oliva explained.  Three witnesses shared their accounts with the police, and Oliva proclaimed that he was ruled to be not at fault.

However, Oliva’s day wasn’t over. While the police was gathering evidence, reaching out to Oliva’s insurance provider, and determining what happened, Oliva had to wait in jail at the police station. This is policy for Dubai. The wait lasted for multiple days, but after a judge was finally available to review the case, Oliva was not charged with a crime and released.

“They were just making sure they dotted their I's and crossing their T’s,” Oliva shared. Aside from the horrific issues he already had to deal with, he reported that his brief time in custody was just as traumatic.

“This was the worst experience of my entire life. As bad as it was, my mind was worse.”

While in custody, he was unable to pass the time by occupying his mind with anything like a book or watching TV. He also wasn’t able to follow his traditional bodybuilding diet, and he shared that he had a competition in mind for the 2023 season. He never said what competition he planned to enter, and now he’s not sure what the outlook of his season will look like going forward. He also addressed rumors about drug tests and blood tests, but he denied those claims in his statement.

“There was no drug test, no blood test, I just had to blow (alcohol test) to see if I had been drinking, and I hadn’t,” the former New York Pro winner said. Clearly, he is now dealing with far more stress than what comes with bodybuilding prep.

“It makes everything you’ve stressed about so miniscule. I can’t share anything about what I’ve been through,” he explained. “This whole thing has me pretty messed up... “It’s just something that I can’t put into words.”

Oliva also shared that he was sick and wanted to see a physician because he was concerned. He had just finished his first healthy meal in a week before recording the video. Aside from asking for prayers for the victim’s family, he wanted to emphasize that he is ok and address the inaccurate statements. He also thanked his family for helping him get out of custody.

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