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Ron Partlow BMX Freestyle Riding

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We assume it’s pretty safe to say, when you think of BMX Freestyle riding, you don’t picture a 300-pound professional bodybuilder as the person doing the riding. Something most fans are likely unaware of is that before Big Ron Partlow was a bodybuilder, he was into BMX bikes and the whole freestyle riding, doing tricks, etc. while growing up in Alberta.

“I grew up riding freestyle BMX. I absolutely love it and I still watch it on YouTube and follow a lot of riders on Instagram. Once I found out there was a skate park right behind my condo, I started walking my dog out there a lot.” Partlow goes on to explain. “There are a couple of riders that I chat to on a regular basis, and I managed to talk Mavrick Noddin into letting me take his bike for a rip. Just kidding, I sat on it like a little bitch and had my picture taken. Bikes didn't use to be so small, or maybe my perception has changed since I was 160 pounds. One of my favourite memories growing up is just getting on my bike and disappearing for a whole weekend into the parking lots, alleys, and backyard ramps of Grande Prairie when I was growing up.”

It looks like Ron has gotten back into his old hobby as some videos have surfaced showing the nearly 300-pound IFBB Pro Bodybuilder doing some radical moves! As part of his rehab for a hamstring injury, Partlow had set a goal to be ready to ride again by February 1st, 2021. Well, it was January 31st that we saw his first video surfaced, showing him pulling off some freestyle moves, after getting the invite to ride from local riders, Joe Kyllo and Francois Debroux.

In another video shared a few days later, Ron explains 4 basic skills, that are all major factors in building a foundation:

  • Reverse peg wheelie
  • Infinity roll
  • Step around to the front of the bike and roll backward
  • Hopping to the side of the bike and exiting out facing forward

This looks like a great way to relieve the boredom of the Covid-19 lockdown while still getting some exercise in. Freestyle riding is great exercise, especially working your legs and core. Also requires a great deal of balance, flexibility, and focus.

Ron is one of the most well-known pro bodybuilders in Canada and is an incredible ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness. This is thanks to what he’s done representing Mutant Supplements in videos and appearances, his online training business, owning and running Westcoast Iron, his podcast with Dusty Hanshaw, emceeing contests, writing for Muscle Insider, and his overall involvement in the fitness community.

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