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Roelly Winklaar out of 2020 Mr. Olympia

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Olympia Coverage Sponsored by BODYPRO Gym

Unfortunately, Roelly Winklaar will not compete at this year’s Olympia despite his best efforts. Roelly was a huge fan favourite going into this event that we had placing in the top 5 in our Olympia Predictions this year. How could this happen just one week out from the show? It has just been confirmed that Roelly tested positive for COVID-19.

Original there was an unconfirmed theory that he’s stuck in Istanbul, Turkey which is a country not marked on the U.S. travel restriction list so it’s used as a route for some athletes to gain entry into the U.S. We were told he was having Visa problems but this wasn’t confirmed by Roelly. But it did beg the question as to why he would wait this long before traveling to the U.S. during a pandemic? Roelly would have normally got the travel part out of the way much sooner to avoid this risk like Hadi Choopan and Big Ramy did. 

There was also a second theory is that Roelly tested positive for COVID-19 and was not permitted to enter the U.S. This rumour has now been confirmed by Roelly himself through an Instagram post. 

“I have tested positive for Covid-19 while in Turkey en route to the US. We have tried everything we possibly could but being Covid-19 positive there is really nothing else we can do. In the meantime some Covid-19 symptoms have presented and my focus is now on a full recovery. Even though the news already broke out it is only fair that I inform you all personally of this unexpected turn of events.”

Originally, we found this theory odd that it would happen less than one week out from the largest contest in bodybuilding, but it makes sense now. It was through a COVID-19 test administered in Turkey en route to the US that Roelly found out.  

Roelly also pulled out of the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival despite a great deal of excitement leading up to that show. But this opens the door for a higher placing for athletes like Big Ramy, Steve Kuclo, and our Canadians competing (Antoine Vaillant, Regan Grimes and Iain Valliere) who we'd love to see in the top 10. 

We wish Roelly all the best and great health with a speedy recovery.