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Ric Drasin Dies

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Unfortunately, Ric Drasin has died earlier this morning due to health complications. Ric was 76 years old and had been suffering from extreme knee pain and was hospitalized for over one month. While there, he began experiencing extreme water retention. After running some tests, doctors found that he’d developed kidney problems which is never a good sign, especially at that age. Ric was scheduled to have knee surgery September 2nd but sadly he didn’t make it. On August 17th, his son posted the below video to update fans of his situaiton:

Ric Drasin’s Career

Drasin is well known for designing both the original Gold’s Gym logo and the World Gym logo but he also wrestled professionally for 36 years between 1965 and 2001, while also winning titles in amateur bodybuilding contests. He later started a YouTube channel and his “Ric’s Corner” became a very well-respected show in the bodybuilding industry boasting some of the top guests in the business and over 119,00 subscribers! Ric will be missed by the millions of fans he inspired and our thoughts go out to his family, friends and fans.