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Randy Couture Suffers Heart Attack

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According to TMZ Sports, MMA legend Randy ‘The Natural’ Couturesuffered a heart attack while training at a gym in West Hollywood on Wednesday October 23rd, 2019. Randy’s rep told TMZ the 56 year old UFC Hall Of Famer had emergency surgeryafter being admitted to hospital. 

This is how it all went down:

"During a workout at Randy’s LA training home Unbreakable Performance in West Hollywood, CA, Randy experienced discomfort in what he initially thought was an offset rib or vertebrae. He tried working on a roller to relieve the problem -- but that was not successful.  Incredibly, Randy finished the entire workout while likely having the beginnings of a heart attack. Shortly thereafter, he drove home and attempted to rest. When the radiating chest pain did not cease, he recognized something was wrong. He proceeded to walk multiple blocks to a nearby emergency room rather than battle Los Angeles traffic. Upon his arrival, after an EKG, the medical staff informed Randy he had a heart attack, and would require immediate surgery to resolve the issue."

In a statement to TMZ Sports, the former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion said he is one of those people that has crazy thick blood and nominally high bad cholesterol. Those 2 factors combined to create a clot obstructing his Diagonal artery. According to Couture, "The Cath lab at Cedars got right on it, cleared it out and placed a stint in its place."

Couture is recovering very well and is in great spirits. He thanks his fans and the great staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital while also offering some words of wisdom:

"Live your lives to the fullest. You never know when you’ll draw that last breath in!"


We wish you well Randy and a speedy recovery.




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*Images courtesy of Instagram