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Peter McGough to be the Voice of the Olympia

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Olympia preview sponsored by RIVALUS


According to his Facbook page: 

I’m pleased and honored to be part of the commentary team for the upcoming LIVE WEBCAST on of the 2017 Mr. Olympia Weekend being staged in Las Vegas on September 15th & 16th. Other members of the commentary team are The Voice of Bodybuilding Dan Solomon, Editorial Director at Weider Publications Shawn Perine and Bikini competitor, Carla Sanchez. Get the popcorn ordered!

Remember that many years ago Peter was the cornerstone of FLEX magazine’s editorial team. Peter joined Weider Publications in 1992 as FLEX Magazine’s Senior Writer. In 1997, he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of FLEX. But one day left to join their competitor Muscular Development. After spending many years with MD, Peter has now decided to go back to FLEX purely as a writer which we are very happy to see. In 2016, Peter received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his 30+ years in bodybuilding journalism but his reputation goes far above and beyond awards. Peter is unquestionably the top journalist in the industry and Flex readers will now have access to his unforgettable writing.  

He joins Dan Solomon, who also has an exceptional history with bodybuilding and the IFBB (Check out the interview with him here), and IFBB Bikini Pro Carla Sanchez.

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