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Olympia Amateur UK scheduled the same dates as Arnold Sports Festival UK

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For some time now, organizers for the Arnold Sports Festival UK have been working hard to promote their event set to take place the weekend of October 1-3, 2021. The event expects to provide just as big of a show as ever, hosted in Birmingham NEC, UK. With events including the annual Strongman competition, arm wrestling, cheerleading, and more. One main event that still is offering a lot of confusion, is regarding the Arnold Classic UK bodybuilding competition. The reason for this uncertainty is it has not yet been announced whih federation will be sanctioning the event. It could either go to Rafael Santoja’s IFBB Elite Pro or Jim Manion’s NPC/IFBB Pro League. There is still yet to be an official announcement by the Arnold Sports Festival UK organizers.

With many celebrities already announced to be in attendance, they have changed the name from “Meet your heroes” to “Legends”. This allows fans to meet legends from a variety of sporting backgrounds. Since the name change, the first Legend announced to be in attendance all weekend, is none other than Flex Wheeler.

If the uncertainty over the Arnold Classic UK wasn’t enough to keep competitors on their toes, it was also announced recently by promoters 2 Bros Pro, that the date of the Olympia Amateur UK has been changed to the same weekend of October 1-3, 2021.

In what would normally be an opportunity for amateur athletes to compete in two pro-qualifying events, the fact that both will take place on the same weekend leaves these athletes with the difficult decision of choosing which event they will end up competing in? One scenario that this date change could be alluding to, is that the two events could actually be integrated together. This could potentially have the Amateur Olympia UK team take care of the amateur bodybuilding events, while the Arnold Classic UK team could coordinate the pro show. This would allow everything to run smoothly as long as both events are sanctioned by the NPC/IFBB Pro League. We are proud supporters of the NPC and IFBB Pro League and would LOVE to see them sanction both events and see them held on the same weekend! 

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