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No Aquaman 2?

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By Loan Cat

Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but the outcome could’ve been worse if it hadn't been for the calm and collective actions of the crew, air traffic controllers, and ground rescue. 

On Wednesday morning, Jason Momoa’s flight on Foothills 452 had to make an emergency landing due to an indication of engine fire. The pilots of the Cessna Citation 560 XL can be heard talking to Palm Springs International Airport Air Traffic Control (approximately 10 minutes 52 seconds into the recording - see lomk below) “Are you declaring an emergency at this time?”  What’s even more eerie is that, as you continue to listen, air traffic control is heard asking for fuel information and “souls onboard.”


Unfortunately, because they had only been in the air less than 30 minutes into their flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix, not enough fuel had been used to land safely. The pilots were forced to circle the airport until enough fuel was burned before beginning to land. You can hear the tower’s transactions as Air Traffic Control talks to other aircrafts and ground personnel about strategic planning as Foothills 452 circles (at approximately 14 minutes and 46 seconds).


Meanwhile, on the ground, Palm Springs Firefighters and emergency personnel prepared for the landing by having an appropriate number of fire trucks in place, and medical responders for the seven total souls onboard. (Strategic planning can be heard at approximately 9 minutes and 52 seconds - see link below.)


Luckily, the engine fire indication was a false alarm. The aircraft, the crew and all passengers landed safely. 

Jason is heard saying on his Instagram story, “Good old fire department, gotta love them,” as he pans across the tarmac, displaying firefighters and medical personnel. Jason and his traveling companions later continued their journey to Phoenix safely. Guess there’s going to be an Aquaman 2 after all.


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