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NNB Nutrition Files Patent for Ergothioneine Benefit on Preventing Muscle Degeneration

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There has been a wealth of information that details the many benefits of MitoPrime L-ergothioneine by NNB Nutrition. Often referred to as the new Longevity Vitamin, this is NNB Nutrition’s bio-perfected form of the histone derivative L-ergothioneine (ET). This is a naturally occurring thiol-histidine betaine amino acid that exhibits potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune strengthening, and genome-protective activities, making it the first complete action cyto- and mito-protectant. This ingredient is so proimising that we recently published an article “Rating the Antioxidants” where we went on record to state that MitoPrime L-ergothioneine is going to be the next big thing in the antioxidant space.NNB Nutrition is a cutting-edge branded ingredient supplier and creator delivering novel ingredients to supplement companies using their global team of scientists. They've now announced that they've filed a PCT patent (PCT/CN2021/094813) on Ergothioneine’s benefits for preventing age-related muscle degeneration. This patent is the first to investigate MitoPrime’s capability of attenuating the loss of muscle mass and/or strength, as well as the capability of supporting motor coordination deficits and improving aging-related lessening in running motivation.MitoPrime L-Ergothioneine Research

NNB Nutrition conducted 5 tests to investigate MitoPrime’s efficacy in relieving different symptoms caused by age-related muscle degeneration.

  • Test 1 - MitoPrime showed benefits in enhancing grip strength, by using the grip strength meter (Bioseb Bio-GS3) with a mouse-specific wire grid (100 ×80 mm, angled 20°), once per week during the study and at the end of the study, 57BL/6J mice demonstrated age-related impairments in strength. The changes in muscle grip strength were compared to prove MitoPrime’s effects for ameliorating and preventing the aged-muscle degeneration.
  • Test 2 - Motor coordination deficits were performed by placing the mouse on a rotating rod and measuring how long it can maintain its balance. 57BL/6J mice demonstrated age-related motor coordination deficits. The prolonged time of maintenance on a rotating rod proved the MitoPrime® effects for supporting and preventing aged-muscle degeneration.
  • Tests 3 & 4 - MitoPrime’s benefits on improving aging-related attenuations in running motivation and mitigating the loss of old mice muscle mass were discovered, indicating the same effect could apply to humans as well.
  • Test 5 - MitoPrime’s benefit’s on repairing MMP, improving ATP production, scavenging, and blocking chronic ROS were discovered, again proving that MitoPrime® is great for Mitochondria health.Older people may be prone to malnutrition, which may be due to malabsorption and/or insufficient protein and energy intake. To make matters worse, some elderly who lack physical activity tend to be more sedentary as a whole. This increases the likelihood of developing age-related muscle degeneration. Additionally, recent studies have shown that muscle mass decreases by approximately 8% every 10 years after age 40 and increases to 15% every 10 years after age 70. Along with the increasing trend of the aging population, age-related muscle degeneration has been recognized as a crucial health concern in the current society. Age-related muscle degeneration can cause various disadvantages. For example, it may accelerate the loss of muscle mass/strength or weight, reduce mobility (both in speed and dexterity), impair physical function, diminish the quality of life, and increase the risk of death. On the other hand, age-related muscle degeneration is associated with increased adverse outcomes including the prevalence of falls, fractures, functional decline, frailty, disability, hospitalization, care home admission, and mortality. MitoPrime may improve the symptoms of muscle degeneration which is an extremely important discovery.

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