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NFL Linebacker Brandon Copeland Blames Supplement for Failed Drug Test

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NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland has failed a drug test but blames an unknown supplement company for the failed test. He now plans to file a lawsuit against the company he claims gave him “contaminated" supplements. Copeland took a “recovery supplement” that contained a banned substance under the NFL’s policy.

The Banned Substance Was Not On The Label

This is where the story gets interesting as David claims the substance isn’t listed on the product’s label. He also said he sent the supplement to “nutritionists” and they verified that none of the ingredients on the label were banned by the league. When he got notice that he failed the drug test, he sent all the supplements he was taking to a third-party lab for testing. The test confirmed that one of the supplements indeed did have the banned substance in it.

He said he has copies of all previous drug tests he has taken, and they were all negative. We don’t know (yet) which company made the supplement company that allegedly caused his failed drug test, but Brandon Copeland said the company posted on its website a day after his suspension was announced that it was changing its manufacturer for quality assurance!

Look For The Informed Choice, NSF Sport or BSCG Certified Products

With supplements, cars, clothes, gas and watches, quality costs more! Unless you get your supplements lab tested for banned substances yourself, there’s no way to tell if they contain banned substances. That’s why we strongly encourage people to buy from larger companies that test the raw substances that go into each product. These cost more but you want to know that what’s on the label is or is not in the products. If the have extra substances in them do they also have extra disgust and fat? You want to get what you paid for, nothing more nothing less. Smaller companies simply cannot afford to test every raw ingredient and every batch that’s produced. We also think the NSF Sport, Informed Choice, and BSCG certified products are a great step towards assuring consumer that supplements are banned substance free and that only what’s on the label is in the products. We at Muscle Insider applaud companies like EFX Sports, Kaizen, Optimum Nutrition, Rivalus, Scivation/Xtend, Cellucor, Allmax Nutrition, Mutant, PVL Sport, Kaged Muscle, Jim Supplement Science, Perfect Sports, Athletic Alliance, Nutrex and several others for taking this extra step to ensure that what’s on the label is all that’s in the products. 

News Source: News 4 Buffalo

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