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New Sports and Events at Arnold Sports Festival in 2020

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Three New Sports/Events at the Columbus Convention Center and Four at the Ohio Expo Center

Arnold Medieval Fighting Invitational 

The Arnold Medieval Fighting Invitational makes its debut at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2020.  This is an International event with teams attending from the USA, Canada and China. The event will be held Friday, March 6 from 2-5:30 p.m. on the floor at the Arnold Fitness EXPO at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  Armored combatants, 80-100 in number, will compete in a 5 on 5 Buhurt (tournament) using 14th-16th century armor and weapons.  The format is best of 3 timed rounds that are 4 or 5 minutes each or until all 5 opponents are down.  Prizes awarded include medals and championship team trophy.  Stars from the TV show Knight Fight will also be on hand and competing. 

For more information go to www.detroitfight.club

2020 WPO Semifinals

The World Powerlifting Organization debuts at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2020 when it will host an invitational tournament, the 2020 WPO Semifinals.  The top 30 men and top 30 women will perform their best squat, deadlift and bench presses. The event will take place over 2-days. The women go first on Thursday, March 5, and the men on Friday, March 6.  Events will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  All events are equipped, meaning the lifters can use specially designed suits and straps to aid in lifting greater weights. Some of the biggest weights expected to be lifted include 1220+ pound squats, 1000 + pound bench presses and 900 + pound deadlifts.  There are no weight classes, cash prizes and trophies will be awarded to the top pound for pound lifter using a coefficient for age, gender and weight.  

For more information go to https://worldpowerliftingcongress.com/

ROGUE World Weightlifting Challenge

Sanctioned by the International Weightlifting Federation, the ROGUE World Weightlifting Challenge makes its debut at the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival.  The event will be one of the last Olympic Qualifiers heading into the 2020 Tokyo Games.  Top Olympic weightlifters from around the World will be invited to compete on the Arnold Fitness EXPO Stage at the Greater Columbus Convention Center Sunday, March 8, 2020 from 1-4 p.m. 

Approximately 30 men and women from 20 countries will be trying to secure their spots on their countries Olympic team.  The competitions will consist of the two classic lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk.  The snatch is a lift from the floor to overhead in one, continuous movement.  The clean & jerk is a two-part lift from the floor to the shoulders and then jerked overhead.  Athletes are nominated to compete based on their World and Olympic points.  Expect big lifts as this is one of the last qualifiers before the Tokyo Games.  Lifters are awarded with cash prizes, medals and Olympic ranking points.

For more information visit www.iwf.net and www.usaweightlifting.org

Arnold Strongest Teen

The Arnold Strongest Teen contest makes its debut at the Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens EXPO in 2020.  This is a teen strength competition open to any boys and girls age 13-19 who register in advance.  The event runs both days of the SportsWorld Saturday, March 7 (9am-6pm) and Sunday, March 8 (10am-5pm) at the Bricker Building at the Ohio Expo Center.  Events will include traditional strongman events like the clean & press, arm over arm pull, sandbag carry timed race, axel deadlift and load & carry.  Champions will win trophies and top finishers will win medals.  The daily schedule will feature 2-3 events in the morning and 2-3 events in the afternoon.  Anyone who wants to try a feat of strength can in the supervised hands on area.

For more information and to register go to, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dd2emXEdqQBYAElh-lnc01-6OD_K1ld1/view  

Arnold Cup Stacking Tournament

The Arnold Cup Stacking Tournament debuts at the Arnold SportsWorld in 2020.  Cup stacking is the stacking and unstacking of special cups in a predetermined sequence as fast as you can.  Cup stacking is a fun way to test your level of fitness, agility, concentration and quickness.  The two-day competition features individual competitions Saturday, March 7 (10am-5pm) and team competitions Sunday, March 8 (11am-2:30pm).  Competitions take place at the Bricker Building at the Ohio Expo Center as a part of the Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens EXPO.  Division winners receive medals and overall champions will receive trophies.  The “Cup Stack Battle Zone” will have courts set up all weekend for anyone to try cup stacking.  

For more information and to register to compete contact event Director Ty Hallam at coachty@thestackaroos.com

Arnold Dart N Dodge

Arnold Dart N Dodge makes its debut at the Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens EXPO in 2020.  This is a Nerf Blaster battle zone complete with inflatable obstacles for two days of fast action fun. The event runs Saturday, March 7 (9am-6pm) and Sunday, March 8 (10am-5pm) at the Bricker Building at the Ohio Expo Center. 

Open play will be held on Saturday and the main event, a 3 on 3 Team Death Match Tournament, will be held on Sunday.  Tournament players can pre-register online or at venue. 

All equipment will be provided. Nerf guns use Rival series round balls which fire faster than darts.  Safety masks must be worn at all times.  Trophies will be presented to the tournament winners.

For more information visit https://dartndodge.com

Arnold Bike Rodeo

The Arnold Bike Rodeo event debuts at the Arnold SportsWorld Kids & Teens EXPO in 2020.  A bike rodeo is a safety town type event for beginner bike riders, those that need some help balancing and those that are more advanced.  The event runs both days Saturday, March 7 (9am-6pm) and Sunday, March 8 (10am-5pm) at the Bricker Building at the Ohio Expo Center.  Young riders will traverse the courses obstacles making turns, stops and going over speed bumps.  Between safety sessions, hot lap races will be held in various ability divisions where the fastest lap winner will receive prizes including water bottles, t-shirts and helmets.  A bike will also be raffled.  Other games include pumping up a tire the fastest and naming all the parts of a bike.  Bikes and safety equipment will be provided, riders need to sign a waiver.

For more information visit www.ziegenbike.com


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