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New Documentary Devoted to 'Clean Eating' Craze

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"Dr Giles Yeo investigates the latest diet craze and social media sensation - clean eating. In a television first, Giles cooks with Ella Mills, the Instagram entrepreneur behind Deliciously Ella, one of the most popular brands associated with clean eating, and examines how far her plant-based cooking is based on science. She tells him clean has lost its way: "Clean now implies dirty and that's negative. I haven't used it, but as far as I understood it when I first read the term, it meant natural, kind of unprocessed, and now it doesn't mean that at all. It means diet, it means fad". Giles sifts through the claims of the Hemsley sisters, who advocate not just gluten-free but grain-free cooking, and Natasha Corrett, who popularises alkaline eating through her Honestly Healthy brand. In America, Giles reveals the key alternative health figures whose food philosophies are influencing the new gurus of clean. He discovers that when it comes to their promises about food and our health, all is not always what it appears to be. Inside a Californian ranch where cancer patients have been treated with alkaline food, Giles sees for himself what can happen when pseudoscience is taken to a shocking extreme."

In the programme, Dr. Giles Yeo from the University of Cambridge investigates the trend, getting straight to the heart of the matter by cooking with Ella Mills, better known as Deliciously Ella, sifting through the claims of the gluten and grain-free Hemsley sisters, and analysing the science behind Natasha Corrett's 'Honestly Healthy' brand.

As the documentary progresses Dr. Yeo reveals just how closely the clean eating trend is based on scienctific evidence and comes to some shocking conclusions.

Clean eating isn't a craze or a fad. It's just a way of life, and one we at Muscle Insider have been preaching as long as we've been around. Sure, if your goal is to get on stage, we encourage you to take clean eating to the next level (with the supervision of a coach, or someone to help you stay heathy and stable), but we still see the value in it. Either way, this documentary brings an interesting, different perspective to a dogma we already know to be truth.

Check out the full versions of the documentary here or here, and let us know your thoughts!