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Mutant Signs Jamie Christian

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A few weeks back, Mutant dropped news that it was signing a new “mystery” athlete. To add to this excitement, it said it would make the announcement of who it was at FIBO, Europe’s largest fitness expo, which takes place in Cologne, Germany. They showed a silhouette of the athlete that had many people in the bodybuilding industry wondering exactly who it was.

Guess #1: Nick Walker?

By looking at the silhouette, our first thought was that this could be Nick “The Mutant” Walker, which we thought would’ve been a great addition to the Mutant team. He’s super freaky, great on social media and still very young in his career. However, Nick recently signed with Hostile Supplements, so we weren’t really sure if signing with Mutant was still a possibility. As it turned out, Nick was not the mystery athlete!

Guess #2: Big Ramy?

Recently, Big Ramy parted ways with his supplement sponsor, Enhanced Athlete, for undisclosed reasons, so we naturally thought this could be the mystery athlete! Mutant wasn’t telling us anything in terms of who it was signing, but on its social media pages, it added hints that this athlete would be of “epic proportions” and stating “our unforgettable past meets an unstoppable future.” So, who better for an unstoppable future than Nick Walker or Big Ramy? Early on in the Mutant campaign, James Hollingshead took a guess at the mystery athlete being Jamie Christian, but we weren’t sure if that was just him trying to spoil the campaign (because he may have already known) or perhaps it was a legitimate guess. We don’t know, but the whole teaser campaign had many in the industry guessing if Big Ramy was in fact signing with Mutant.

Guess #3: Phil Heath?

A recent video surfaced of Phil Heath training shoulders and looking bigger than we’ve seen him in years. We posted this on our Instagram page and started getting contacted by supplement companies asking us if Mutant has signed Phil Heath! It looks like his supplement venture “Phil Health Labs” isn’t currently a focus for The Gift, so maybe he’d be open to signing with Mutant? Phil’s price tag would be very high, and given his last two Olympia placings and how much he’s been out of the spotlight, we’re not sure that a very high price tag would make business sense. But we came back to the silhouette that Mutant posted, which had a full head of hair, which ruled out Big Ramy and Phil Heath!

Mutant Signs Jamie Christian

It turns out that none of these guesses above were right! The mystery athlete is in fact Jamie Christian, also known as The Giant. Jamie is the world’s tallest IFBB Pro bodybuilder, standing at 6'5" and weighing roughly 340 pounds. To our knowledge, this is the tallest IFBB Pro bodybuilder in history as Lou Ferrigno stood 6'4", as does Morgan Aste. What’s most impressive about Jamie is he actually is quite aesthetic, with a small waist and great lines, and doesn’t look blocky like a strongman. When you look at the pictures, you can’t really see the size of him on his own, but when you see him next to people like Big Ron Partlow, who stands close to six feet tall, you see just how massive this guy really is. In our experience, this is the perfect athlete for fitness expos or fans get to take pictures beside him and see his freaky size. His social media following on Instagram has around 112,000 fans, but we think after FIBO, this number will increase substantially. Working with a global brand such as Mutant will substantially grow his fan base as the company places his image in over 100 countries its products are sold in.

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