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MuscleMeds Signs Nathan De Asha

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At the LA FitExpo last month, Scott Welch heard a rumour that Nathan De Asha might be signing with a new company. Well, the rumour turned out to be true as MuscleMeds has signed British superstar Nathan De Asha! This is a great fit as Nathan is as hardcore as it gets, has a marketable look and larger-than-life personality which comes out in his videos. He's also built a strong social media following and has some of the best genetics we’ve seen in a while. When he’s not living in Britain, Nathan lives in Kuwait where he trains at Oxygen Gym with the support of Bader Boodai.  Ever since the departure between MuscleMeds and Kai Greene, hardcore fans have been looking for the next MuscleMeds superstar to fill in the shoes of Kai.

We think the new blood injected into the company under the new leadership of Sales and Marketing veteran Mark Post, along with the signing of Nathan De Asha, will bring back to hardcore edge we miss from this brand, making this a great sign on all levels.

Here’s what MuscleMeds released on the signing:

"MuscleMeds couldn't be more excited to announce the addition of our newest athlete, IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha. The 31-year-old has made quite the name for himself in his young bodybuilding career. Nathan burst onto the scene in 2016 after winning his IFBB Pro Card at the 2014 British Championships, winning both the Lou Ferrigno Legacy and Toronto Pro Supershow (pictured below) and has since competed at the Mr. Olympia twice, placing 12th in 2016 and 7th in 2017. With his 7th place finish, he became only the second person in the last 25 years to finish in the top 7 at the Olympia in his 2nd competition year. Nathan brings the perfect combination of mass, shape and aesthetics with crazy conditioning and full muscle bellies that not many other competitors can bring to the stage. He's strategically planning out his shows this year with his eyes set on a top 5 finish at the 2018 Mr. Olympia. Please join us in welcoming Nathan to the team." - MuscleMeds

DEADLIFT PHOTO: Provided by MuscleMeds